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Monadnock-The Mountain That Stands Alone will be the first comprehensive documentary about Mt. Monadnock, one of only 13 mountains in the U.S. listed in the National Register of Natural Landmarks. It is the most climbed, most written about, most painted and arguably most loved mountain in America. In this documentary we will capture its rich history and expose the shared humanity in each of us by telling contemporary personal stories from passionate people who have been moved by the mountain; stories that will educate, inspire and enrich people of our region and beyond.

There is a unique attraction to this mountain in southwestern New Hampshire; a mountain hardly on the radar at under 4,000 feet in elevation. Each year, 80,000 people trek the two and one half miles up Mt. Monadnock. Mark Twain, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau have written about Mt. Monadnock. Symphonies, children’s operas and dances have been composed in honor of the mountain. Images of Mt. Monadnock hang in art galleries across the country. People are married or scattered the ashes of beloved family members on the summit. And yet, more than being a source of inspiration, or a challenge to surmount. Mt. Monadnock informs the physical and cultural geography of the region.

The documentary, Monadnock-The Mountain That Stands Alone, is a universal story of man connecting with nature, culture connecting with environment, triggering the formation of individual, group and community identity; cultivating a Sense of Place. The purpose of Monadnock -The Mountain that Stands Alone is to inform and educate people about Mount Monadnock in order to inspire them to take good care of her. For ultimately, the more people there are who hold Mt. Monadnock dear, the better care the mountain will receive.


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