Monadnock Documentary

A Springtime Monadnock Woods Walk

Monadnock  Woods walk spring smarts Spring is here, and many people head for the hills to enjoy the changes of nature on a beautiful warm day. What to bring? Pack a map Check the weather Wear sturdy shoes Wear long pants and long sleeved shirt Tell someone where you are going Know approximately how long […]

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The Big Deal Over a Small Mountain by JACKIE STETSER

Have you ever wondered how Mt. Monadnock became the most hiked mountain in the Western Hemisphere?  Why is it that so many people love Monadnock, and identify it as a place where they have climbed either with family, friends, school group or with the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts?  I have five reasons why I […]

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Monadnock Painters by JACKIE STETSER

The artists who paint Mount Monadnock will be featured in our upcoming documentary Monadnock, the Mountain that Stands Alone..  Please feel free to send me names of other Monadnock painters and their web pages to my list. Linda Dessaint Linda Dessaint of Antrim, NH “captures light and shadows, color and shape through thought and instince”.  Her fall […]

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